EBAE III: A forum on in vivo recording approaches

Posted on December 7, 2012


Thanks to all who made it out on Wed, Dec 5th, 2012 for EBAE III: A forum on in vivo recording approaches

We had a superb evening, and with four excellent presentations:

Aaron Andalman – Design decisions when doing awake behaving electrophysiology.

  • Aaron’s slides are here!

Tom Davidson – Integrating optogenetics and electrophysiology in behaving animals.

  • Tom’s slides are here, and he has a handy-dandy laser alignment approach described here.

Simal Ozen Irmak – Multichannel recording systems.

  • Simal’s slides are here!

Ariel Rokem – Time-series analysis methods in python

  • Ariel’s slides are here.
  • The basic info for acquiring Ariel’s software, and the instructions to follow along with the tutorial can be found here!

And an especially big thank you to:

for their assistance in making it happen!
Alex and Koji
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