The patch starts here

Posted on October 18, 2011


This is a site dedicated to the pain that is endemic to neuroscience research.

A few postdocs and grad students at Stanford University were commiserating about the vagaries and seemingly voodoo-esque nature of patch-clamp slice physiology. We reasoned that if we pooled our knowledge (and did a bit of background reading), we could shed light on the logic underlying the technique.

We organized an initial discussion to cover aspects of brain slicing, some aspects of recording, and some basic pharmacology; we have expanded to other forms of data acquistion, including extracellular recording and imaging.

We’ll post some relevant papers and the transcript from our discussions for all to enjoy. We hope this may become a forum for continued discussion of the technique (and other issues related to neuroscience in general).



(aka Alex Goddard, if you wanna know)

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